about us

about us

Starting with 1994, Novaintermed has been one of the most important solution providers on the clinical, industrial and research market. We are acknowledged for selling top quality products and for offering prompt high level technical support.

We like challenges and novelties which we approach with a high level of flexibility and professionalism.

From the very beginning we have constantly believed in the principle of adaptation and in inovation which can improve resource consumption. It is due to this perspective that we are now pioneers of the laboratory diagnose field.

we have successfully brought the vacuum harvesting system on the Romanian market as we understand the significance of having a quality specimen without risking the life of the health field specialists. We are the first company which introduced on the Romanian market instruments like flow-cytometers and our strategies have confirmed us as market leaders. We have promoted and continuously sustained the use of growth liquid media and the antibiogram for TB in conformity with OMS regulations in order to save precious time in establishing the appropriate treatment.

Although we understand that offering new and top quality products is not always easy or economical, we try not to deflect from our beliefs and to keep in mind that our most important goal is providing high quality and customer satisfaction. But we have never strayed from the principle that the most important goal for our clients is quality. This is why we have continously invested in staff training, in new and improved integrated transaction systems, in ISO quality management and in proper storehouses. We have never been intimidated by complex new projects and we have always believed that, if planed and followed up any project is achievable.

Therefore we have gained an extensive experience in the project management area and we have successfully created a specialized department, which has become a reliable partner for our clients and suppliers since its very foundation. To this day, we have evolved spectacularly and we have reached the point where a new image would better reflect our professional level. This status does not show the end of our journey, but it reveals the fact that we are ready to move to the next level and to face new challenges in order to further improve.

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